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About Us

Established in 1973 by one of the pioneers of the sector in Spain, Benjamín Herranz, HERSILL has extensive experience as a manufacturer of medical equipment.  Our eagerness for technological innovation, continuous improvement, customer service, and the tireless work of many years, has allowed us to position ourselves solidly in the competitive and demanding world market of medical devices. We design and manufacture devices of the highest quality and with the most modern technology, making them available to medical and health professionals, helping them to treat ailments and take care of people’s health.


Genesis Anesthasia workstation

Key Features

  • Equipped with the most advanced ventilation modes.

  • Configurable alveolar recuitment maneuver interface, with multiple options, automatic calculatiosn and tracing tools.

  • Advanced volumetric capnography interface.

  • Electronic rotameters with precise mass-flow sensors, allowing low and minimal flow anaesthesia.

  • Modular design for easy maintenance.

  • Easy to perform installation and calibration procedures.

  • The patient’s gases are confined in the Compact Anaesthesia Respiratory System (CABS), which is fully autoclavable at 134 ºC.

  • The performance of the hospital’s Anaesthetic GAs Evacuation System (AGSS) is displayed on the touch screen, notifying possible contamination of the operating theatre. 

  • Full intuitive interface with settings, ventilation and gases monitoring, graphs, trends, AGSS performance, alarms, etc.

  • Monitor with 18.5” projected capacitive touchscreen, supported on a 360º rotating arm and tilting in 2 axes.

  • Integration of capnography and analysis of anaesthetic gases Masimo®.

  • Compatible with any re-breathing, semi-closed and non-re-breathing circuit. 

  • Two auxiliary arm supports to add any hemodynamic ICU monitor and infusion pumps.

  • Optional accessories: consult brochure.


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