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BIOLIGHT - Model : P12

Key Features

  • Display 12.1 inches capacitive touch screen operation.

  • Modular Design. 

  • STD Parameters: ECG (3/5/10), SPO2, HR, RESP, NIBP, 2TEMP

  • Optional Parameters: 2IBP, ETCO2, Cardiac Output, AGM, BIS, EEG, NMT, RSO2, Spirometry, ICG Module.

  • Advanced Clinical Applications such as EWS, GCS, PPV, SEPSIS, BOA, CCHD..etc.

  • 180 hours of tabular and graphical trend

  • Battery back up up to 4 hours. 

  • Full disclosure and event capture.

  • Drip monitoring function (Option)

  • Unique Voice Assistant Function.

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