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UTAS 03-Adaptive_modes.png
  • Turbine based pneumatic system.

  • Respiratory station with expert level possibilities.

  • Continuous patient monitoring.

  • Adaptive intelligent ventilation.

  • Unlimited lifetime O2 sensor.

  • For adult, pediatric and neonatal.

  • Turbine based system — UVENT-T-S is compatible for operation with any
    available oxygen source low or high pressure.

  • High flow performance and low noise operation maintaining a
    comfortable environment for medical staff and patients.

  • High-resolution touch LED 12 ″ + 22 ″ color display.

  • Unlimited lifetime oxygen sensor.

  • Built-in SpO2 and СО2 modules in basic configuration.

  • 72 hours scalable trends of all monitored data.

  • Integrated aerosol therapy system.

  • Initial ventilation settings based on the patient’s
    anthropometric data.

  • Patient’s respiratory effort tools and analysis.

  • Simultaneous monitoring of breathing mechanics
    and vital signs.


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